Cat ears on motorcycle helmets are an increasingly popular fashion trend in the alternative fashion world. This trend is a fun and creative way to customize your helmet and make it stand out from the crowd. Cat ears on a motorcycle helmet add a unique flair that will catch everyone’s eye, and also provide extra safety thanks to their reflective properties. In this article, we’ll learn what cat ears for motorcycle helmets are, their benefits, the different designs available, how to attach them to your helmet, and what to look for when wearing them.


What are Cat Ears for motorcycle helmets?

Cat ears for motorcycle helmets are accessories that can be attached to the top of a helmet to give it a unique look. These accessories come in many different colors and styles and can be easily attached with adhesive or Velcro straps. Cat ears designs range from realistic looking faux fur ears to more abstract designs like spikes or flames.


Advantages of wearing cat ears on a helmet


One of the main benefits of wearing cat ears on your helmet is that they provide extra visibility when you’re out at night or in low-light conditions. The reflective properties of the ears help make riders more visible to other motorists and pedestrians, which can reduce the risk of accidents or collisions. Plus, wearing cat ears on a motorcycle helmet is a great way to express your style and personality while riding.

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Different types of cat ears


There are many different types of cat ears for motorcycle helmets, from realistic-looking faux fur ears to more abstract designs like spikes or flames. Some companies even offer customizable options where you can choose the colors and patterns for your cat ear design, so you can create something truly unique!

Attaching cat ears to motorcycle helmets


Attaching cat ears to your motorcycle helmet is a relatively simple process, requiring only basic tools such as scissors, pliers, tape, or Velcro, depending on the type of attachment used by the manufacturer (most manufacturers provide instructions). You must be careful when attaching these accessories so as not to damage your helmet!

Safety considerations when wearing cat ears


When wearing cat ears on your motorcycle helmet, you must consider any potential safety risks associated with them, such as wind resistance, limited visibility, or increased weight that could affect your motorcycle’s balance or aerodynamics if you wear them incorrectly or use designs that are too large. You must also ensure that all materials used in the construction of these accessories meet all applicable safety standards established by applicable agencies such as the Department of Transportation (DOT)



There are many brands that specialize in making accessories for motorcycle helmets, including cat ears. Some popular brands include Harajuku, RK Racing Gear, Kuryakyn, and Bell Moto-9 Flex, all of which offer stylish and safe options when it comes to accessorizing your motorcycle with these fun accessories!


In summary, cat ears are an easy way to add some unique flair to your motorcycle helmet, while also providing extra safety with their reflective properties! There are many different models from different brands, so do your research before you buy so you know what best fits your style and budget!

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Can you still get cat ears Halo?

To get the Cat Ears helmet in Halo Infinite, you need to buy the Cat Lover pack with Item Shop Credits.

Are neutrino helmets DOT approved?

It has a DOT sticker, but it is not 100 percent DOT approved. The beards are not protected. And the material is so fragile that it breaks in half when I take it off my bike. The good thing about this helmet is that it leans forward if you ride a sport bike.

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How much are the Halo cat ears?

One cat ears helmet costs 1000 credits. That means you have to spend $8.99/£7.99 to unlock it. December 22, 2021

Should you wear earplugs on a motorcycle?

Wear earplugs when riding a motorcycle. Disposable foam earplugs are inexpensive and can muffle up to 25 dB of sound, which can mean the difference between dangerous and safe. The earplugs don’t interfere with your ability to hear engine or environmental warning signals.

What is the best way to reduce wind noise on a motorcycle?

One popular option is to add extra padding to motorcycle helmets. Many riders prefer to wear earmuffs under their helmets. Some riders wear foam or fur between the throat pads or around the ears to reduce wind and road noise.

Do you want to open or close the helmet ventilation?

These holes need to be plugged. Bald Silva says the vents need to be closed to keep the heat in. That’s why people wear clothes.