5 Anime

The history of anime can be traced back to the origin of Japan’s film industry which was in the early 1900s. Since then, anime has served as one of the best genres which closely reflects Japan’s culture. Anime has evolved with time, just like T.V shows, movies and cartoons, with sound and colour added as animation effects.

Since its inception, anime has remained a niche medium but its fans have always had undying support and love for it. Only real anime fans know how much it means to them. With this growing demand for anime there has also been an increase in the video games based on anime to satisfy anime lovers. However, there are still several anime series that do not have their video games and fans would love to have a video game based on each series.

In this article, we have come up with 5 Anime Series that should launch their video games and make our lives more exciting and challenging.


A new anime kid on the block, Tanjiro, takes the role of a Demon Slayer after the slaughter of his family and his sister Nezuko turning into a demon. Similar to the anime Dragon Ball Z, the Demon Slayer is a short-animated series which if turned into a video game would make a perfect one.

perfect one.

CyberConnect 2 is the best developer for creating anime series replicas. Apart from this, it can also create a video game based on Demon Slayer which would make the best action game. We think it would make a great game because that there would be many characters contesting against one another and possessing a fierce fighting nature.


Ever thought of a monster video game? There may be plenty, but this potential monster game would top them all. Gleipnir’s cast consists of monsters of every size – both big and small, short and tall. One of the most dominant characters in this game is Shuichiwho would make a fantastic character to play as. Shuichi, in his real life, is a smart and a friendly high-school student who is content with his life. The truth may be unknown to others though – this student can turn into a monster.

One day Shuichi uses his powers to save a girl who then becomes his ally and enters into a partnership to hunt other monsters down. This monster may appear squishy, but the truth is, he possesses a great deal of strength and power. He can give a good beating to other monsters and a video game on this monster would make your life even more interesting. Can you think of the adrenaline rush associated with playing this game? How exciting!

Pressing those buttons each time would only add up to your enthusiasm and boost up your energy levels as your favorite monster wins.


Haikyuu is an enthralling anime sports series. It focuses on two ambitious athletes who make an effort to sort out a heated argument only to make their high-school volleyball team the best team in Japan. This is the game you would not want to miss! Haikyuu may already have several video games. However, you must remember that these are mini-games and not a complete video game that you could enjoy in a single go.  Haikyuu could make up for the most popular sports game ever if turned into a video game.

This sports game could stimulate you and raise your energy levels. What more does a sports lover need other than playing an exciting arcade game which gives you the feel of a real game? Hopefully, if the Haikyuu game is launched, we’ll be ready to hit the ground!

hit the ground


The story behind “Made in Abyss” is basically “The Abyss”. In the depths of the earth, filled with mysterious creatures and long-forgotten relics, the main questionthat arises is how did the place become as it has become? What is there at the bottom of the earth? It is said that numerous brave individuals known as divers”sought out to solve the mysteries of the Abyss. For this purpose, they even took the courageous step of descending into the darkest pits. The bravest divers amongst them are the White Whistles.

Daughter of White Whistle Lyza (the mother who has long gone missing) aims to be like her mother and investigate the deepest reaches of the Abyss. However, being a new Red Whistle, she can only navigate on the top-most layer.

Made in Abysswould make a video game that is not short of captivating the audience. Who wouldn’t enjoy a game that gives you the feels of a traveler? With the setting of jungles and wild bushes, this anime would make a video game where you can let your imaginations run wild. It would make you feel like you are in a real-life setting, exploring the forests, something that makes you feel refreshed, and experiencing the nature very deeply. There is too much attention to detail which would make the game amazing.

game amazing


It is by far amongst the best shonen mangas to be featured which has two anime series. Not only this, Hunter x Hunter even has ‘Greed Island’. It is an arc which has its own rules and regulations for the inhabitants. How cool! Despite this, no game has been released for this anime in North America. Just as is the case with Greed Island, Hunter x Hunter would also make an amazing console game. Possibly, it can make up for a wide range of video games such as fishing, action or fighting games.

The name indicates it could be any sort of game that is related to competition. It’s appalling to see that only Japan has witnessed a Hunter x Hunter video game; even that is a mobile game, not console game.