Anime is a lot more than cartoons and stories. The Anime world is full of different kinds of relationships and families that inspire anime lovers every day. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on those anime mothers who would make you want to hug your mum tighter.


The Mother Who Suffers from Torture

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Before moving to this first type of anime moms, lets take a while to talk about how many mothers we know around us who go through struggles. They face everyday tortures and yet remain steadfast and play their role as mothers. In anime too, there is a type of mother who is always struggling and suffering from torture.

She never lets her desire for revenge overpower her motherly nature, except when she has to fight for the sake of her children or family. She is not weak and stronger than people can imagine. The only reason why she suffers is because she does not want to let anything distract her from playing her motherly role.

An Embarrassing Mother

Are you one of those kids who always finds themselves in an embarrassing situation because your mom did something stupid? Is your mom one of those moms who is so busy working at home that she is not aware of the outside world, and when she steps outside, she creates a mess? Same is the case with many anime mothers, such as Mamako Oosuki’s mother. While Mamako feels embarrassed at times, his mother is one of the strongest women in the anime world. She is always doing her best to protect him and she is always there to help him get through his battles. At times, Mamako isn’t embarrassed because his mom messes up something, rather because she proves to be stronger than him.

The Fierce Mother

Fierce Mother
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All mothers are brave and strong but not all of them are fierce. When we talk about fierceness, then one name that comes to mind is Queen Serenity. She is not a very popular character, but anime lovers know that she does wonders whenever she appears. They know that their beloved Usagi can never survive without the help and support of his mother. She is great at making use of the advanced technology at the Moon Kingdom, always figuring out ways to support her people. She is not only fierce but also wise and intelligent. She is always there to guide her family.

The Big Mother

Big Mother
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All mothers are big, but there are some mothers who deserve to be called big mothers. In the world of anime, one such mother is Mothra. She is called the giant moth goddess who is also the protector of the planet. She is basically a moth mother who cannot only lay many eggs at a time but also knows how to protect her children. Her protective wings are spread all over the world and she is a true symbol of motherhood. At times, when the need arises, she can be a fierce mom who can do anything to protect the world. Isn’t that truly something that reminds you of your mother?

The Selfless Mother Who Always Puts You First

Are not all mothers selfless? They always put their children first. Is it not something that is very central to the idea of motherhood? The same is the case in the world of anime. When we talk about selflessness, then the name that comes to mind before anyone else is Carla.

She is another symbol of a selfless motherly nature who can sacrifice anything for her family. Her love is not limited to her son Eren, but she also adopts Mikasa and treats her with fairness and justice. For Carla, nothing is more important than the safety of her children. Unfortunately, her son Eren is a reckless person who is always trying to getting himself into danger and trouble. Somehow, Carla always risks her life to save her son from being ruined. One of the reasons she loves adopted Mikasa is because she is much more sensible and takes care of Eren.

When you think of mother’s sacrifices, then Carla is one name that you should always remember. If you have a selfless mother, then looking at Carla’s character would definitely make you want to hug your mum. Remember, do not ever take the sacrifices of your mum for granted.

The Mother of All  

Mother of All
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All mothers love their children, but some women are mothers to all people around them. One such character is Isabella, a kind-hearted and loving mother who is taking care of so many orphans as if all of them were her own children. Her appearance can be deceptive at times and not reveal her true self. She is loving and caring, but she never minds teaching kids a lesson when they are crossing their boundaries.

The Grandmother

Grandparents love their grandchildren no less than parents, sometimes even more. Same is the case in the anime world. One motherly figure that is epitome of a loving grand mother is Kenji Koiso, the grandmother of Natsuki Shinohara. She is a strong woman who leads her matriarchal family and does whatever she can to save the world from getting destroyed by technology. She will definitely remind you of not only your mother but also your grandmother who not only brings you presents but also saves you from your angry mother.


We have mentioned some types of anime moms that will remind you of the sacrifices of your mother. We have mentioned a few names and there certainly many more anime mothers out there that inspire anime lovers.

Whether it is in the world of anime, or the real world, mothers are truly a great blessing. They are always there to protect us and save us when we mess up. Those who have grown up without mothers would understand this better. If these anime mothers inspired you, then you should go and give your mum a tight hug.