Do you think you’re too old to watch your favorite childhood anime series? Read this article to find out why watching anime as an adult is a great decision!

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Japanese animation has gained immense popularity over the years. Also known as anime, this genre had a niche presence in its early days. This was in the 1970s and 1980s when shows like Speed Racer and Astro Boy were being aired. Anime saw its boom in the 90s with series such as Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z shooting across the skies. However, to much dismay, most of us haven’t seen our favorite shows ever since we grew up.

Anime is very different from our regular cartoons; with its eccentric characters, inventive worlds, and unique storylines, anime has created endless possibilities for its fans. Despite this, anime still hasn’t received the attention it deserves. There are still many Western fans who do not like to watch anime for several reasons. Some perceive it to be a ‘children’s’ activity, others think of it to be sexual and pornographic, while the rest deem it to be ultra-violent. The good part is that none of this is true. Anime falls in different categories such as action, drama, adventure or comedy.

Moreover, people of all ages can watch it and have a good laugh or lighten up their moods after a hectic schedule! So, before you skip anime and move on to the next channel, consider these 5 reasons as to why you should be watching anime right now. Here it goes:

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1.  The brilliant artworks and unique character designs

A lot of artwork is required to create an anime series. It is not a simple task to set up a whole battle scene by creating interesting character designs and using dynamic visuals. Every character is different such that no artwork for a character is repeated twice. Not to forget, while these are ‘animated’ characters, they may look close to real at times. Most anime is derived from Japanese culture, so it gives a feel of Japanese culture which may be something new and different for those watching anime all over the world.

Most of the anime series and movies are visually pleasing. The animation is of a high-quality, and the viewers would feel the urge to draw/sketch these animated characters themselves. Many well-known artists are inspired by these animations. It is not uncommon to see art exhibitions regularly featuring these animated characters.

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2.  There are countless possibilities with anime

Anime allows you to be creative with its endless possibilities. With anime, there are no limits or restrictions. There can be many characters as well as multiple worlds. While the characters may look realistic at times, there is more beneath the surface than that.

Some of them may even possess superhuman powers such as becoming invisible. Others may be able to change their body shapes within no time and leave us astounded. An anime series could have any type of creature you could imagine. This would refer to samurais, pirates, ghosts, monsters, cowboys or aliens. These creatures are nothing short of an inspiration and allow you to expand your imagination.

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3.  Your favorite series would rarely get canceled

This is the best part of anime series. The chances of your favorite series getting canceled are close to zero. Don’t you just hate it when you have been anticipating a show for long but it gets canceled at the very last moment and all your enthusiasm dies down? Well, good news. With anime, you don’t need to worry about this! There are two possibilities; either the show ends when the story is completed leaving you completely satisfied or it keeps going to catch up with the manga. Take the example of your favorite childhood anime, Pokémon, and Fairy Tail. Have you ever seen them getting canceled at the last moment? Of course, not.

Pokémon has been running for many years now (two decades to be precise). Even if a show seems to end, it has left many episodes behind it for the viewers to watch it again and again and relive the memories. Naruto, for instance, has left around 100 episodes behind it for the fans to keep going with the series. Oh, and even if a series gets canceled, you still have manga as your backup plan, so cheers!

4.  Anime characters are not flawless

You heard it correct. With anime, there is nothing such as ‘perfection’. Anime characters have flaws, just like humans. They make mistakes, they are moody, short-tempered and tend to hurt others. But guess what? This only makes them more like humans and creates a relatable situation for us every time we come across an anime character revealing a flaw. Apart from this, just like humans, they also die in the end.

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One such example is that of Sailor Moon, where characters die in such a high frequency that it became a plot point as the series furthered. Hence, you will only find a few exceptional characters who are immune to death, some such as your favorite characters like Doraemon and Pikachu. Knowing that the characters are mortal and imperfect makes them seem more realistic.

5.  There is no music like the one you hear in anime:

Anime provides you with a medium to escape – even if it is for a short while. Anime music will make you forget about all the problems you are currently facing and you will instead indulge in how the characters deal with their problems. You can easily find the best theme songs and background music in an anime unlike the case in a show or a cartoon. The music will make a scene more intense than it already is, and you can also listen to this music later for a relaxing experience while you are driving or cramming for a hard test. 

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