You are a die-hard fan of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia and would like to embody one of the characters in the cosplay? How about Denki Kaminari, the electric sonnyboy? Here you can find out everything you need to know about his looks, his quirks and his personality to play him really good and convincingly in cosplay.


Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 23

Who is Denki Kaminari?

It is well known that My Hero Academia is about the U.A. high school, more precisely the students of grade 1-A, who are trained as superheroes there. To be accepted, the children and teenagers must have a so-called quirk, i.e. certain super power characteristics. Each student has a different quirk and all of them are interesting and strange.

Who is Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 24

Denki Kaminari is one of the students and is also training hard to become a superhero. He is a popular option for cosplay, because his electrification quirk is attractive, just like his costume and his pleasant personality.

What is the personality of Denki Kaminari?

Denki Kaminari is one of the more likeable representatives of class 1-A. He is sweet and nice, but always a bit clueless and clueless. He is certainly not one of the brightest minds in the class and needs regular help in the school. His grades are therefore not the best. However, he has other knowledge, such as literature, which also means that his vocabulary is above average.

What is the personality of Denki Kaminari
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He tries to flirt with the girls and considers himself a cool and agile speaker, which is not seen by the others. They usually just ignore him, just like the adored girls. However, they often simply reject him mercilessly. His sunny disposition is hardly affected by this and he is always in the mood for pranks. Because of his mischievous character and nice nature he is popular everywhere.

His temperament is a bit unsteady and he quickly panics when fighting. The result is that he can inadvertently activate or not properly control his quirk – the electrification – under stress. For this reason, he is generally reluctant to use the Macke when friends and allies are around, because he is afraid of unintentionally hurting them or otherwise putting them in danger. As soon as no allies are around, he becomes more confident and is a good and efficient fighter.

Denki is also characterized by his solidarity and modesty. He has a great sense of justice and stands up for his friends and people in need. That someone looks down on him or his friends is something he absolutely cannot stand.

However, he sometimes loses his personality when he exceeds his watt limit. This leads to a short circuit in his brain and he turns into a stupid giggling idiot. Fortunately, he returns to normal as soon as the values have settled down again. He does not seem to suffer any damage.

What is his quirk?

Denkis Macke is the so-called electrification. He can charge himself with electricity during the fight, and then use it specifically to electrify people and things within a radius of 10 meters. However, as already mentioned, he has problems from time to time with controlling the Macke.

What is his quirk
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 26

So that he can use them as optimally and specifically as possible, he has some special equipment.

On his right forearm he wears a special shooter. These disc-shaped projectiles are used to direct the fired electricity during the fight directly to the target previously defined with them. The electricity is virtually attracted by the pointers and they help to use the marker precisely. The shooter also has a dial so that Denki, if he has set several pointers, can choose which one he wants to hit with the electricity.

And finally Denki also wears a special optical sight, which gives him all important information about the position of the pointers and his surroundings in general.

What does Denki Kaminari look like and what clothes does he wear?

In order to create, make or buy a successful cosplay costume, you first need to know what Denki looks like and which clothes he typically wears.

Denki is a boy of average size and normal build, tends to be rather slim. His hair is generally blonde, although one has some black strands in flash form, matching his hair style. The hair stands out pointed in all directions, as usually in manga and anime characters. The eyes are slanted and the eyebrows are relatively narrow and also a bit slanted.

Of course, Denki Kaminari also wears the typical school uniform during school time, which consists of dark green long trousers, light grey blazer, white shirt and wine-red tie. You can also use this uniform for cosplay, but of course the hero costume is the more popular option. If you decide to wear the school uniform, the wig is of course especially important, because the blonde hair with the characteristic flash black strands is practically the only feature that makes it clear that you are representing Denki.

The students’ hero costumes are clearly more popular, as they are very different, creative and interesting. They are always derived in some way from the underlying quirk.

In the case of Denki Kaminari it is electricity, which is why the lightning can be seen not only in the strands of hair, but also on the jacket and trousers of the costume.

Jacket and pants are black with white flashes. In addition he wears a white shirt under the short cut jacket.

In addition, there are the special equipment items described above, which serve to control and optimally use the mack.

Buy Denki Kaminari Cosplay costume

Buy Denki Kaminari Cosplay costume
Denki Kaminari My Hero Academia Cosplay 27

So now you know everything you need for a successful Denki Kaminari Cosplay. Next you have to ask yourself if you want to do the costume yourself or if you want to buy everything you need. You don’t have to feel bad about this, because most cosplayers don’t have the time, patience and skill to make a cosplay outfit. Meanwhile you have to do that, because there are great cosplay online stores where you can find everything your heart desires! Cosplay costume sets, wigs, weapons, contact lenses, artificial body parts, make-up and much more.

Also for your Denki appearance you can find something here! Have fun with the selection and the cosplay afterwards!


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