How to Be Kawaii – The Ultimate Guide
How to Be Kawaii – The Ultimate Guide 4

The question of how to be a Kawaii is not entirely simple to answer. This is because Kawaii is more than a fad or fashion statement, it a way of life. Before going forward with our guide to being Kawaii, let’s look at what the term really means.

The term “Kawaii” is a Japanese word and is almost impossible to be defined through a synonym. Lots of people have used words like “cuteness”, “culture of cuteness”, “lovability”, “charming aesthetics”, and “childlike” to explain to outsiders what this word means. However, it must be understood that being Kawaii is something purely distinct.

It is more than just a cute outfit or nice attitude. It is an amalgamation of different characteristics. These characteristics must be adopted open-heartedly in order to be Kawaii. Interestingly, the word “Kawaii” is as relevant for non-living things as it is for humans – the Hello Kitty character is a classic example.

This article propagates the view that restricting one’s understanding of ‘how to be a kawaii’ is going to be considerably hindered if we limit the meaning to one or two attributes of being Kawaii. Therefore, this article delves into numerous attributes which will help you achieve the status of Kawaii. It is through them that you will be able to understand the beauty of being Kawaii.

beauty of being Kawaii
How to Be Kawaii – The Ultimate Guide 5

The ultimate guide

1.  Make sure you have the right attitude

Perhaps, the most fundamental part of learning how to be a Kawaii is to remember that being Kawaii is not entirely about cosmetics. It is as much an internal process as it is a display of fashion. To be Kawaii, you must soften your voice tone, stay away from any inclination towards vulgarity, keep your energy and spirits high, and be sweet and kind with people. Furthermore, a Kawaii person is welcoming, does not pick fights, and it is unforgivable for them to be seen cursing – can you imagine Hello Kitty cursing someone?

2.  Take inspiration from the right kind of role models

As part of this ultimate guide, we encourage people to be passionate in their wish to be Kawaii. The stronger your passion is, the easier it is to become Kawaii. In order to develop a strong passion, it is important that you have people you look up to for inspiration. If you do not have the right role models, it is probable that you will get lost. The idea here is not to imitate other people but to use them as a source of inspiration.

3.  Watch anime as a source of inspiration

In the last few decades, the culture of watching anime has taken off really well throughout the world. With such a large industry developing around it, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Each and every person is bound to find something interesting. Moreover, availability of a large collection of anime on platforms like Netflix means that it is convenient to access.

It is strongly recommended to watch anime to familiarize yourself with lots of Kawaii characters. Such an endeavor will quicken your journey to being Kawaii.

4.  Don’t shy away from the use of wigs or cute hairstyles

Without a Kawaii-like appearance, your journey towards becoming Kawaii is incomplete. In this regard, how your hair look is of prime importance. There are a lot of interesting wigs in the market which will enhance your outlook in a moment. Whether you want to go with long or short hair is up to you. Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting colors to choose from, including multi-colored options. If you do not want to go with a wig, you can always manage a Kawaii outlook through cute hairstyles.

5.  Accessorize right

If you want to go all out being Kawaii, then you must package yourself with the right accessories. This includes the use of bows in your hair, bracelets, ribbons, rings, bags, and other accessories in bright colors. The idea is to give a youthful vibe through which you are able to stand out from the crowd.

For instance, there is a style called the Decora style which involves packaging yourself with excessive accessories and jewelry. This might look unusual as an everyday look, but it certainly looks wonderful if you are out there displaying the Kawaii vibe.

6.  Collect adorable toys

It is not only how you look that is important to being Kawaii. The things you surround yourself with are also of paramount importance. This is because the things we buy for ourselves are an extension of our personalities. Moreover, it is the surroundings which have the greatest impact on the type of mood and behavior that is displayed in a place. Therefore, we recommend that you beautify your rooms with adorable toys e.g. Hello Kitty.

7.  Smell is as important as anything

To reach the supreme level of being Kawaii, it is critical that you don’t restrict yourself to only looking and behaving in a particular manner. You must also go to the extent of smelling like a Kawaii person. It is not only that a Kawaii person does not give out a bad odor but also that they give a different odor. To give out a Kawaii-like smell, what you can do is use sweet and sugary perfumes. For instance, a cotton-candy-like perfume is a classic product that goes with the Kawaii look.

8.  Don’t be afraid to put glitter on yourself

In order to be Kawaii, you have to be different from the rest of the crowd. An ingenious technique used by many people to enhance their look to a Kawaii-like appearance is to use glitter. The use of glitter may not be restricted your clothes. It can be extended to other areas e.g. hair. As a result, it gives you a childlike look, and you are able to literally shine in the crowd.

9.  Use latest technology features to make your pictures look adorable

We are all in the habit of updating pictures on social media platforms. A Kawaaii person is no different in this regard. In fact, provided that the right type of pictures is uploaded, being active on social media platforms is the sign of a Kawaaii person. However, you must make sure that your pictures look adorable.

You must continue to appear charming on social media like you do in real life. To do this, it is recommended to use picture editing features like Instagram and Snapchat filters. Additionally, the use of cute stickers will also be helpful.

10.  Make the right fashion choices

Just like you cannot imagine the Hello Kitty character dressed in a suit, a Kawaii person also has to be mindful of their dressing. You can wear dresses which are of vibrant colors or go for character-themed dresses. Moreover, you should not feel afraid of emulating the dress you last saw your childhood doll wearing. You must understand that wearing a Barbie doll themed dress and going out in the shopping mall is something totally appropriate. Be bold in your dress style, and never let the child in you die.

11.  Find the right makeup

Once you are all dressed up with the Kawaii look, there is one last element which must be looked into – makeup. This is because you cannot afford to look anything but flawless. Use of excessive makeup is never an ideal scenario, therefore only a reasonable amount of it should be used. An appropriate amount of makeup will help develop an innocent look on your face while too much makeup will ruin it. Please note that one thing you must avoid is the use of dark-colored lipsticks because they diminish the childlike look.

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How to Be Kawaii – The Ultimate Guide 6


If you follow this ultimate guide on how to be a Kawaii, you will have a smooth journey. However, you must note that being Kawaii is not an instant process, nor is it sustainable if you are not consistent. The nature of being Kawaii is achieved if you bring concrete changes in your lifestyle. Once you make these changes, only then will you give out the vibe of being Kawaii. Otherwise, it is easy to distinguish between someone who is a natural and someone who is being fake and cosmetic.