Are you a fan of art? Then you most probably have heard of Japanese anime. It is famous for its aesthetic art styles and gripping storylines. There are several art forms used in drawing anime characters and styling backgrounds. One such art style is the kawaii drawing. It takes its name from the Kawaii Japanese culture which relates to cuteness and shy mannerisms. This Japanese culture of Kawaii includes characters and non-living objects which are drawn in a cute style. Draw a Kawaii Girl is adorable and have features that enhance child-like qualities. The rounded features and giant eyes are the key elements to drawing a perfect kawaii figure. Kawaii girls are usually known to dress in bright colors with dreamy frills all around. If you want to learn how to draw a kawaii girl, then you have come to the right place. This is a good place to get started and grab the basics. You can go on to make more detailed kawaii drawings with more practice. In this step-by-step guide, you will get to know about the features and proportions that make a kawaii girl so dreamy and cute.


1. Draw a Kawaii Girl Head

For the face to look cute, it should have a bigger head and smaller mouth with gigantic eyes. Start by drawing an oval. This will serve as the top of the head. Now, add the bottom part of the face to the oval.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 29

2. Draw the Eyes and Eyebrows

Draw reference lines for the placement of the eyes. For a kawaii girl, the eyes are placed lower than in a normal face drawing. Make sure the eyes are big enough both horizontally and vertically. Big eyes add to the cuteness of the character. You can also start by drawing the eyebrows and then making the eyes. Draw a horizontal reference line in the middle of the head. Next, draw the eyebrows with the bottom parts touching the line. Then, Draw a Kawaii Girl and draw thier eyelids touching the line from the
bottom. With the instructions provided, the eyes will look as given below.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 30

3. Draw the Nose

For the nose placement, draw a horizontal line through the middle of the chin and the face. Draw the nose on or above this line to achieve a cute kawaii look.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 31

4. Draw the Ears

Draw the ears above the line you have drawn for the nose. The ears should not go above the horizontal line that passes through the top of the eyes. Otherwise, it will give the character an elfish look with long and pointed ears. We do not want that for a kawaii girl, do we? The ears can later be covered by hair depending on the hairstyle you choose for your drawing.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 32

5. Draw the Mouth

Draw a horizontal line between the nose and the chin. This will be your guideline for placing the mouth. Make sure to draw a small mouth to make your kawaii girl cute. Draw it right below the nose and add details like a small crack to give the appearance of an opened mouth.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 33

6. Draw the Cheeks

Blush always adds more femininity to the face and makes it look cuter. So, do not forget to add some blush to your kawaii drawing. If you are drawing line-art, then add some small lines on the cheeks to give the illusion of a blush. Else, you can color the cheeks in shades of pink to make the character blush. This little detail will make your kawaii girl more adorable.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 34

7. Draw the Hair

Now comes the deciding factor. Should you keep the ears hidden by the hair? Or should you tuck the hair behind the girl’s ears? Whatever you choose, one thing to ensure is to make the hair look a little puffy. This volume in the hair gives the drawing a cuter look. You can achieve this by drawing the hair at a distance from the head. Remember the oval you made in the first step? Yes, draw the hair away from that oval. You can choose the hair length according to the face shape and structure. Shorter hair is most commonly associated with kawaii girls. After following all these steps, you are all done. If you
want to go a step further and draw a bit of the girl’s body till the shoulders, then see the next step.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 35

8. Draw a kawaii girl Neck

Thin necks are associated with cuteness in the kawaii world. Start from the base of the face and increase the width of the neck as you go further down. Or you can also draw the neck with the same width. Then, connect the neck with the shoulders by drawing downward-sloping curves. These curves that connect the neck and the shoulders are the trapezius muscles. Make the shoulders similar to the shape of a quarter circle. This will give your kawaii character a nice profile.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 36

9. Draw the Collar Bones

If your kawaii girl is wearing open-neck clothes, then you will need to draw her collar bones. Start drawing them from near the area where the trapezius muscles and the shoulders meet. Make two horizontal curves going towards the center. Give these lines a little downward slope to add some movement. Make sure to leave some space between the two lines. This space should come right below the chin.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 37

10. Color and how to Draw a Kawaii Girl

Coloring a kawaii drawing is not so different from the usual character illustrations. You need to pick some lovely shades to make it look adorable. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate colors to the areas. For the skin, use peachy or brown shades. Color the clothes with pastels or shades that give your character a dreamy look. Take it a step further by adding some shading to areas such as under the chin and below the hair. Apply some pink shade to the cheeks to give your kawaii girl some blush.

How to Draw a Kawaii Girl
How to Draw a Kawaii Girl 38

11. Draw a Dress Kawaii Girl

If you are drawing a full body for the kawaii girl, then you will have to draw the clothes as well. The most popular kawaii clothing items are shorts, shirts with cute prints or messages, frilled dresses, patterned clothes, solid pastel color dresses, and various other styles of outfits. So, you can decide on the one you like and draw out the proportions for the outfit. Then, finalize the shape by going over it with line art. The next step is to color the outfit. And that is it! You have completed the drawing of a kawaii girl.

This step-by-step tutorial includes the details on how to draw a kawaii girl. The proportions for the facial features and body can vary based on your imagination. The expressions can differ depending on the emotions of the kawaii character. So, make sure to not only follow the basic steps mentioned in this article but also to add a touch of your imagination and watch the magic happen. Now, you can turn a simple character into a cute and adorable kawaii girl in no time.