Kawaii style is above all girlish, innocent and simply sweet. Accordingly, the motives and the general style are decisive. So if a cute little dress with hanger style has a Hello Kitty sticker, then it is automatically a Kawaii dress. But of course you can make the whole thing a bit more perfect by getting a dress or skirt in real Japan style. Especially here the choice is huge, especially schoolgirl uniforms, sailor look and a little bit of French Maid is the order of the day. A Victorian touch with frills and lace is also very popular.


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As for this more perfect and elaborate style, the dresses here are almost cosplayable and look a bit like a cosplay costume, but not quite as extravagant and flashy, because these Kawaii clothes are also meant for normal everyday life.

For which occasion are you looking for a chic dress or cute Kawaii skirt?

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There are many occasions and the dress should match. If you’re looking for a fancy party outfit for an event where you meet like-minded people, you can get really creative and choose an eye-catching dress in unusual colors. If you want an airy summer dress for city, college, school or even the office, you might want to choose something more dignified that doesn’t make you completely out of line, but still keeps your beloved Kawaiian style.

Short or long: Which is the right Kawaii dress for you?

Short or long
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In general, Kawaii dresses and skirts tend to be rather short – just like cute schoolgirl uniforms, i.e. short pleated skirts etc.

But not every woman can wear them. So there are also longer dresses and skirts that you can use just as well. Our tip: Wear the dresses and skirts you feel comfortable in – not all cosplay and Kawaii fans have to look the same.

In the following a few words about the Japan Style classics.

Careful with the care

If the clothes are just normal dresses that have only a Kawaiian motif printed on them, the care is quite uncomplicated and easy. However, you should always turn dresses and skirts with prints and appliqués to the left when washing them to avoid damaging the prints and appliqués. The same applies not only to washing but also to ironing.

When it comes to elaborate dresses and skirts in Victorian or Gothic style, there is usually no getting around the cleaning. At the very least, however, we advise you to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. In case of doubt, it is better to give them to a dry cleaner, or at least wash them by hand or in an absolutely gentle way with an appropriate detergent. Because often these clothes have delicate lace and frills on collars or elsewhere, which can be damaged during machine washing.

Our great range of Kawaii dresses and skirts in different styles

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You will find a lot of great options in different styles from Kawaii, K-Pop to Japan Style. Especially premium manufacturer Harayuku offers a lot of attractive options for you!

Whether gothic dresses, victorian-style dresses or simple clothes with a simple Kawaii motif – there is something for everyone!