Attack on Titan is a widely popular Anime and Manga series which was developed and illustrated by the infamous Hajime Isayama. The plot is epic and full of gigantic titans who bring up a lot of destruction to the world and the show’s protagonist, Eren Yeager takes on the mission to protect Earthlings.

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Attack on Titan is a Manga series that comprises of 3 seasons which have been aired in 2009, 2013, and 2017 respectively. The show became a huge success right after it was premiered. Then, it became a best-selling Anime series. The show managed to bag various critics’ positive responses and analyses. Until now, around 100 Million Tankobon copies have been printed worldwide. The series was also adapted into an action film that wowed the fans and critics.

fans and critics
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The show is a true work of art in terms of characters, animation, plot, and music. In various countries around the world, including Japan, China, Korea, US, and UK, the series proved to be super hit. Unfortunately, there have also been some political controversies around the series’ plot which attached numerous negative connotations to it.

Protagonist and Other Prominent Characters

Attack of Titan’s cast is super amazing, well put together, and truly epic. The protagonist himself is massively popular among the fans all over the world. In this section, we are shedding some light on Eren Yeager, the hero, and other prominent characters of the series.

Eren Yeager 

Eren Yeager is the main figure in this Manga action series. His screenplay is strong, sturdy, and very courageous. After his family suffers from massive destruction caused by the Titans and his mother is killed by one of them, he vows to take revenge. He devotes his life to the eradication of Titans from the planet. Eren’s character is voiced in Japanese by Yuki Kaji and is dubbed in English by Bryce Papenbrook. In the action movie, the character is played by Haruma Miura.

Haruma Miura
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Unfortunately, he is swallowed by one of the giant titans during his very first combat in Trost. Interestingly, he re-appears as a Titan himself who is almost 50 feet tall and fights against the titans on a common ground. One of the main setbacks he faces, being a titan, is the perception of people who start counting him as one of the monstrous giants who want to destroy mankind. Soon Eren discovers he has many superpowers and hence, he becomes the antagonist.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is one of the main side roles. She is Eren’s childhood friend who was adopted by Eren’s parents after her parents were killed by salve traders. She is a very kind, quiet, and warm-hearted girl and always has a serious facial expression except when she’s around Eren or her close family and friends.

Later on in the series it is revealed that Mikasa’s father had Eldian bloodline which was worked upon for creation of strong soldiers who had similar powers just like Titans. It is also discovered that the offspring in that bloodline also inherit some of those superpowers naturally.

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Eren is super protective of Mikasa, urges her to fight and live, and gives her a red scarf which Mikasa never takes off. His warm behavior encourages Mikasa to support Eren and protect him. She joins him in Survey Corps as well. In Survey Corps, everyone calls her Phil and she soon become the topper of the soldiers’ batch.

Mikasa’s Japanese voiceover is done by Yui Ishikawa and is dubbed in English by Trina Nishimura. In the action movie, Kiko Mizuhara has played her role. Mikasa shows so much care to Eren only and doesn’t care much for anyone else. Throughout the series many emotional swirls are also seen.

Furthermore, there are many other noteworthy characters including Armin Arlert who is also Erin’s childhood friend and is his scout buddy too. During numerous combats, he stands beside Eren and helps him out in planning and strategizing against titans.

All You Need to Know – Season 1

Attack on Titan’s first season is what pivoted great success for the series. Comprising of 13 episodes, the season has amazing music, animation and not to forget, the storyline. The actors who worked for the action movie and anime series knew since day one that the show is something very special.

very special
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The show starts off with an epic introduction to the main characters. Obviously, not all the characters are revealed, but Eren and Mikasa make a strong entrance. The storyline begins with a little background to who these people are, how destructive man-eating Titans have stormed in their lives and destroyed their families.

All You Need to Know – Season 2

The series follows Eren’s story who becomes a full member of Survey Corps along with his friends. He fights a female titan and destroys her. He soon finds out that a big group of titans is approaching the humanity, and he got no time to rest.

time to rest
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To keep his vow he begins a severe strategizing and planning regime. This epic season is all about saving the protective wall between the titans and humans, and discovering many darks secrets and stories related to one another.

All You Need to Know – Season 3

Season 3 proved to be extremely action packed. A pivotal character Historia goes through a big event and a drastic shift is seen in the plot but all for the right reasons.

right reasons
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It may feel like a lot is going on, someone is dying in the series all the time. However, that is the essence of it. A lot of main and strong characters get killed as the episodes progress but story is consistently energetic and full of twists.

What did Critics Say About Attack on Titan?

This Manga series received a lot of praise from fans and critics all around the world. Many made a comment that the series truly and artfully depicted the hopelessness and isolation felt by youngsters in real life. There is a lot of mystery in each episode which makes the series one of its kind.

of its kind
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Critics commented that these mysteries and twists amplified the quality of experience among viewers. From season one, people believed that the animation and drawing has improved a lot. The series truly portrayed the essence of Japanese pop culture. The popularity caused many reference appearances in ads for Snickers and fashion brand Yoshikimono.

The Big News!

This is the part which will excite you the most! The producers of Attack on Titan have finally announced that final and fourth season will be premiering in October 2020. So stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!