Dressing up kawaii may sound like a lot of effort but do you know that the Japanese term ‘kawaii’ literally translates to ‘cute’ in English? As such, if you want to flaunt a cute look, you might as well try to go kawaii sometimes! For that very purpose, you might want to know – what are the best places to shop for Kawaii fashion?

Whenever anyone thinks of kawaii fashion, sweet pastel colors, a blouse with a skirt, dresses, frills, and beads appear in their minds. If you would love to have all these components in your fashion statement, then it might be the time that you give kawaii fashion a go.

Now that you have decided to try out kawaii fashion – where do you find all that you need for it? Since the birth of kawaii took place in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan, hence it is no surprise that the best of all shopping places for kawaii fashion exists in this very region.

However, if you are someone who resides outside of Harajuku or outside of Japan altogether and you love to wear Kawaii, then you must not worry at all. Kawaii apparel and accessories are readily available online with most of the places mentioned in the following article offering online shopping as well.

Top 5 Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion

Here are our picks of the best places to shop if you want to buy all things kawaii!

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1.  Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street
The Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion 6

Takeshita Street is considered to be the heartbeat of Harajuku because of its hustle-bustle. Among many other prominent shops that provide amazing kawaii fashion on Takeshita Street, this one store named WEGO is considered to be the best. It is a great spot for people who are specifically interested in kawaii clothing and accessories.

The store is well-known among the Japanese fashion community. If you are looking for some high-quality kawaii stuff that is also not too expensive, then this is the place you must visit. Everything kawaii is available here at reasonable prices. A huge selection of kawaii stuff awaits the visitor at this store from punky dresses and dark looks to flirtatious doll-like styles.

Other prominent places on Takeshita Street that are also among the best places to shop for kawaii fashion include:

  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi
  • Heinz&Tulpe
  • Etude House
  • Daiso
  • Milk
  • Monki
  • ANAP


The Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion 7

LIZ LISA is a Japanese brand that is specifically famous for its kawaii clothes collection. It is said that this brand is the reason behind the spread of kawaii fashion throughout the world. From retro kawaii to trendy kawaii, this store has it all for the people who love to shop kawaii clothes. Although the brand is based in Tokyo, it has opened its outlets in quite a few other regions in Japan. For the people outside of Japan, the brand also has an online store.

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3.  Cat Street

Cat Street
The Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion 8

If you go to Tokyo, you are bound to take a stroll to the quirky Cat Street that is located in Shibuya – a major business and commercial hub of the city. Among its many other attractions, kawaii fashion is considered to be the most fascinating aspect of this place.

This place has the most modern kawaii stores but with a vintage kawaii touch. This makes it easy for the buyers to pick and choose from each era of kawaii fashion so their outfit does not seem out of place when they wear it in their homelands.

4.  Tutu Anna

Tutu Anna
The Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion 9

The topic of kawaii fashion is incomplete without socks being discussed. Yes, you read it right, socks are an essential component of kawaii fashion and they are no joke.

As the talk around kawaii fashion is incomplete without the mention of socks, similarly, the talk around kawaii socks cannot to be completed without the mention of Tutu Anna.

The biggest attraction of kawaii fashion certainly lies with the clothes. However, you also have to believe the fact that many of the kawaii fashion buyers end up purchasing tons of cutesy and vibrant socks and tights. Not to mention, due to the cute prints, socks are also the most demanded Japanese souvenir.

If you are looking for pretty, pastel socks, there is no better place than Tutu Anna to go to. These socks are usually worn with kawaii shoes and pop-colored plateau heels. Besides finding socks and tights at Tutu Anna, you can also find matching underwear to add to your sexiness which is typical of Japanese kawaii fashion style.

You can find Tutu Anna’s stores in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku.

5.  Paris Kid’s

Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion
The Best Places to Shop for Kawaii Fashion 10

Paris Kid’s is also one of the best places to shop kawaii apparel and accessories. The store is located in the famous Takeshita Street. This street, in its entirety, is a center of unicorn sparkles and pastel colors, as mentioned before.

This shop is mostly known for the kawaii accessories and jewelry which captivates the buyers. People who have visited the store remember it as a very cute and organized place to shop. When you visit the store, you can find a variety of hair bands, ribbons and pins for a colorful hairdo.


These were some hotspots for best kawaii shopping that are based in Japan. However, kawaii has now become a widespread fashion style. Hence, the good news for all the kawaii lovers out there is that now you can find kawaii apparel and accessories no matter what corner of the world you are living in.