Zelda Dark Link Cosplay
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Dart Link appears in several games of the popular Legend of Zelda series and for the first time in Adventures of Link it is created by the magic of an evil wizard from the real Link. He is the shadow of the real Link and almost always imitates exactly his abilities.


It is therefore often called Shadow Link or Black Link.

He is the dark side on the left, a vicious shadow that must be defeated in the games.

He has no concrete background story and absolutely does not speak. All in all he appears in almost all games:

  • The Adventure of Link
  • A Link to the Past (Nur GBA-Version)
  • Four Swords Adventures
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Twilight Princess
  • Spirit Tracks
  • A Link Between Worlds
Performances of Dark Link in the different Legends of Zelda games
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The appearances of Dark Link in the different games follow a similar scheme. Typically, Dark Link has roughly the same capabilities as the real Link, since it is, so to speak, its shadow. However, it usually has a few weaknesses, so that it can be defeated in the end if you do it cleverly.

Let’s take a closer look at the different performances, because in the end this will also help you with your planned cosplay.

In Adventures of Link, a wizard virtually conjures it out of the real link as a dark shadow. Now you have to hit him eight times, which defeats him. He himself can jump and attack with his sword. If you attack him while he is on the ground, he can fend off most attacks relatively easily with his shield, so the best strategy is to attack when he is in the air during a jump. Here he is relatively defenseless and can be easily hit. So just wait for the right moment!

In the game A Link to the Past (Game Boy Advance) from the Zelda series you have to deal with four different Dark Links. These appear in a fixed order, with the following Dark Link having the abilities of its predecessor, plus one new ability each. Accordingly, the fourth and last Dark Link is the strongest and most dangerous. Each of the four Dark Links has a different color. The green shadow link is the first one and hits with the sword, can run on link with special Pegasus boots, jump backwards and also make itself invisible. The green one is followed by the red Dark Link, which can additionally use the big Vortex Attack. Now the blue shadow link appears, which has all these abilities and can also jump over Link and stab him with the sword down. And finally, at the end, you’ll meet the purple Dark Link, which can shoot down rays on top of all the misery.

In Ocarina of Time the Dark Link, also called Black Link here, is the miniboss in the water temple and also guardian of the grappling hook. Just like a shadow, he imitates every move of the real Link and only attacks when Link loses concentration and becomes careless. He then stabs mercilessly. If you want to win against him, it is best to use a steel hammer, because sword and shield are practically useless. You can easily tell that you are winning, because the Dark Link gets darker and darker. Its life force depends exactly on the life energy of the real Link. For example, if the player has six hearts, Dark Link must be hit six times to destroy it.

In Oracle of Ages, Dark Link has only a modest appearance during the fight against Veran. This is because it caused four shadows of Link, which are simply meant to hinder the real Link. This is done by the exact imitation of all movements and actions of Link.

and actions of Link
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Dark Link’s biggest appearance is in Four Swords Adventures. Here he appears all the time and causes a lot of trouble where he walks and stands. At first you only have to defeat one Dark Link at the beginning of the game, but this changes during the course of the game and later you have to deal with up to four Dark Links at once. They throw bombs just like the real Link, fight with bow and arrow, shield and sword and use the fabulous Pegasus boots to run and jump.

In Twilight Princess, you see Dark Link only in a vision of the light ghost Ranelle and don’t have to fight him yourself. It is therefore the most humble appearance of Dark Link.

In Spirit Tracks Dark Link is well hidden and appears suddenly as soon as you go down a staircase. It has sword and shield just like the normal Link and also uses bow and arrow and throws bombs. In Spirit Track, Dark Link can also use the dreaded big swirl attack.

In A Link Between Worlds, Hyrule appears in different locations in the kingdom and must be defeated as a special enemy. There is no real background story here either. The strength of the Dark Link corresponds pretty much to the equipment the player got via StreetPass. The higher the strength level is, the more bounty you get for the victory over the Dark Link.

Dark Link look and outfit for Cosplay
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Dark Link is the shadow or dark side of the normal link. Accordingly, the outfit and physical characteristics are the same, only in a different color, namely black or very dark gray.

So you need a black tunic, as opposed to the green or turquoise one. Underneath the shadow link wears a black or grey long-sleeved shirt instead of a white one and dark pants. The knee-high Pegasus boots, the chest strap and the belt with pocket are also dark.

The shoulder-length hair is black instead of blond and the eyes are red instead of blue. Here are special contact lenses, as you can easily find in a good Cosplay online store, a great thing. Because this way you look really real and scary.

Don’t forget the characteristic elf ears, which you can also find in different versions in the Cosplay Shop.

Sword and shield are also black and gloomy.

If it’s too difficult for you to make the costume yourself or to search for individual parts, you can also find good complete options in the Cosplay Online Shop. You can also find matching wigs, ears and contact lenses, all in one place.