Disney fashion is an on-going remarkable fashion trend that has been proven and is here to stay. It has even become a huge part of the fashion industry. Disney characters, particularly its princesses, have been loved and adored by all since childhood and the same level of appreciation continues to date.


Disney fashion immediately gained popularity due to the extensive love of the audience. Not only has it become a style statement, but it can also be worn by all age groups, be it adults or kids. Children love to dress like princesses and let’s face it, who would not like to be dressed like one?
This emerging style statement spread quite rapidly and to push it further up, we saw many public figures and idols dressing up like Disney characters. To prove the popularity of this fashion, Dolce & Gabbana showed a charming display of its Disney princess collection. We also saw Alicia Vikander dressed as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” at the Oscars.
Indeed, she was a beautiful sight to see and no doubt, she became part of the talks, which might not have been possible if she had done a non-Disney dressing. Her yellow Louis Vuitton gown was marvelous, and she even did her hairstyle in the same way to show the efforts one can put in to be more fashionable.
The whole catch is that people relate to Disney characters, which is why we also saw hashtags like #justlikeus and #DisneyPrincessWokeUpLikeThis trending over social media. Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed are filled with such stories regularly, making it a viral content.


Leslie Kay was the creator of this trend as she started her blog called Disneybound. This term quickly got attention as she started posting her pictures of how Disney princesses would look if they were real. As an influencer, she was quickly noticed by many and her fan following increased day by day.
Her blog is about Disney fashion and slowly, Disneybound became a well-known term. It came to mean dressing like a Disney character without a straightforward costume. It came about as Disney does not allow anyone to dress up like Disney characters at its theme parks since it would just confuse the crowd of who was the “real” Disney character and who was just a fan.
Kay initially started the blog when she visited Disney World for the first time as an adult. Her posts on the blog were popular and she would portray herself as Disney characters. Hence, the popular trend of Disneybounding spread and dressing up like Disney characters became a sub-genre of cosplay. This expert who began this journey had a lot to say to her audience.



Kay has majored in marketing. She is an author and influencer and a die-hard fan of Disney who has absorbed the love and expressed it in their fashion sense. She manages her work online and experiments with new trends based on Disney. We had the luck to chat with this trend originator, and here is what she had to say.

The Start

Kay always loved Disney princesses since her childhood and wanted to study fashion in high school, but her family did not support her in her goals. They believed there is no future in fashion and it can only become a hobby but not lead to any substantial money. Therefore, Kay opted to study marketing and she graduated with a business degree.
She got a job as a legal assistant working in an entertainment company, but there was no charm to drive her creative side. She then started the Disneybound blog in mere excitement of visiting Disney World as it was the first time she was going there.
Being an independent woman, she now had the right to spend her money her own way, so she experimented with clothes for this exciting trip and kept posting about it online. In no time, her work was admired and became popular. Her take on princesses without wearing typical costumes was an original idea and blew up.


The Disneybound blog is Kay’s top priority. She manages it online with over 300,000 followers worldwide. Being a marketing major, she also works for other clients and manages their social accounts, but her ultimate preference is her own blog. She continues to exhibit her fashion style and explore a vibrant culture for herself.

Disney’s Opinion

Disney loves her style of work as it gives a new perspective to its characters. Kay even got the chance to attend two DVD re-releases, one for “Sleeping Beauty” and the other for “Snow White.” She also worked with Run Disney, its half marathon company, for a year and had a contract to contribute to its blogs. However, not being a part of Disney, she can’t profit with its name.
She has her own brand called Cakeworthy, which is a pop culture-inspired fashion clothing line where she practically gives Disneybound fashion a life and earns a livelihood.

Disney’s Opinion

Working Schedule

Working 6 days a week with offs on Sundays, Kay posts regularly on her account. This allows her to experiment with new characters. Plus, the fashion industry is a rapid-changing world, so she can stay up to date with all the latest trends. Companies also send her their clothes, which she is happy to promote and it makes her profession more fun for her.

Suggestions for Disney Fans

H&M and Forever 21 are two popular brands that Kay would advise the youth to explore as they offer a huge variety of collection along with bright colors and sparkles that play a major role in Disney cosplay. It is also very affordable for most people. Personally, she is a big fan of Moschino and Jeremy Scott and takes their dresses to be very inspiring and a true piece of art.

Opinion about Dolce & Gabbana’s Princess Collection

Kay adored the stylized princess collection introduced by Dolce & Gabbana. It was a delighted sight because Disney fashion is now becoming a style statement and no one categorizes it to be childish or overdone. Enjoying fairy tales as an adult is a dream, and this firm just helped boost it up.

Brands Inspired by Disney

Kay is a big fan of Disney villains and black. Being a bold color, black has been taken up by many brands, but Dolce & Gabbana’s collection still stands out as a true representation of Disney. Ursula or Maleficent are usually projected when black is experimented by brands.

Development of Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with new ideas constantly, but Kay takes it as a challenge and loves to experiment. She is full of color and realizes that a dress for a formal event cannot be worn at a kid’s party and loves to change accordingly to cater to her audience. She even plays with vivid characters on special requests from fans, such as the doorknob from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Popular Characters from Disneybound

Peter Pan is an all-time favorite Disneybound character, whereas Ariel and Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” follow closely behind. Personally, Kay is a fan of Winnie the Pooh, but when it comes to Disneybounding, she prefers characters like the Mad Hatter as she can play with lots of accessories to style herself and match up to her own standards.

Challenging Characters

Characters like Tigger or Rajah are difficult to play with. This is because the orange color and typical striped body do not allow many fun elements and limit the scope to modify the dresses.

New Releases

Kay regularly comes up with new dresses whenever a new movie is about to release. Seeing the trailer is enough for her creative mind to start playing with ideas. Characters of Zootopia and Frozen are two of the movies that had her started off on ideas just by the watching the trailer.

Disney-Inspired Looks in Celebrities

Kay notices a lot of celebrities looking like Disney princesses subtly. For instance, Lupita Nyong’o’s blue Prada dress in the 2014 Oscars made her look just like Cinderella. Similarly, Alicia’s full Belle look was also an easy spot. Charli XCX also took a take on Marie from “The Aristocats” with her white and pink dress at the Grammys in 2014. Her use of accessories with the bow tie and fur shawl really brought out the Disney look.

Disney-Inspired Looks

Disney Culture Trending

People love to dress up as their favorite Disney characters in a fashionable way and the two mixed up bring out their childhood memories in a classy way. For Kay, this is an experience in itself and playing with Disney characters without any age limit is a charm. She loves that she was part of making this a trending topic and that Disneybounding has become a part of cosplay.