Caps and hats in Kawaii style

Of course, Kawaii fans often don’t want to do without a headgear in the form of the always popular caps or hats. But of course the whole thing should fit to the Kawaii style. That’s why we offer you all kinds of smart caps and hats to round off your outfit.

Caps and hats in Kawaii style
Caps and hats in Kawaii style 6

Why are the caps so popular?

That the caps and hats are so popular is no secret. After all, they have been on the fashion market for quite some time. It all started – at least with the young and urban scene as cool headwear in the rap scene. Of course, the caps were and are also popular with die-hard sports fans, where caps are traditionally used to announce the supporters of a certain football club, baseball team, etc.
Of course, the caps are very practical as sun protection during outdoor activities, as they are light on the head and do not restrict the freedom of movement. A hat can’t offer this, at least not really well if you want to be more active. That’s why it’s hard to imagine riders, joggers, tennis players and many other sportsmen and women without caps.
But of course there are different styles of caps.

The different cap styles

cap styles
Caps and hats in Kawaii style 7

Caps express not only the affiliation to a certain sports team, but also the affiliation to a certain scene, especially when combined with scene-typical clothes.


The baseball cap is an indispensable accessory in the hip-hop scene. This includes above all:

rappers and MCs
Graffiti artists

They all prefer to wear the classic baseball cap, preferably with a flat umbrella and high, constructed crown. Nowadays the snapback cap is increasingly coming back into fashion. Some people wear the cap upside down or crooked, which is certainly a matter of taste in the end.
An important trend in recent years is a gold or silver shining, circular sticker. This detail is the size indication with brand name, which is especially applied by the company New Era on their caps. With many hip-hoppers it became a trend to leave the sign of originality on the canopy.

Skater Style

Skater Style
Caps and hats in Kawaii style 8

The skater style is less fixed than the hip hop style. Therefore different variations of the canopy are used here. However, most of the caps are without the high, constructed crown and are rather plain. A trucker cap is a popular anti-style statement, especially for the mesh style skater who is as casual as possible and deliberately doesn’t care about style. The 5-panel cap is also very popular due to its absolutely casual touch.

The Cappy becomes presentable

baseball cap
Caps and hats in Kawaii style 9

2017 was clearly the year of the baseball cap – because here the great cap had finally made it onto the big stage and the catwalk.
From Chanel to Max Mara, baseball caps in a pimped version can be found everywhere. Of course less sporty, but rather noble. In this case the materials are often finer, or the caps have great patterns, prints and decorations, which may also glitter and shine.
In this course the caps are of course also offered in Kawaii style. Here the caps – which can have different shapes – are printed with Kawaii motives – for example Hello Kitty, a cute mascot, or similar. Or the cap is suitable for Kawaii due to the typical colouring. Pastel shades or pink are of course popular.

Which cap or hat is the right one for you?

The big advantage of Kawaii clothing is that you can be imaginative and above all creative. In principle, you can use almost any model, but it should already correspond to the Kawaii principle of cuteness.
Our tip is that you choose the right model for your face and head shape. Here are a few general types that can help you with your choice:

Round face
It’s best to wear a constructed cap with a high crown, this balances the softness of your face a bit and gives it more contour. A straight, wide shield is best for you, which complements the width of your face and creates more corners and edges.

Square face
A square face can appear less bulky in combination with a large crown. A slightly curved shade gives the face more softness.

Oval face
It is best for people with an oval, long face to wear a cap with a flat crown, otherwise the head looks even longer. Constructed caps can create more contours and a straight shield.

Heart-shaped face
With a heart-shaped face, all caps can be worn well. However, if the lower part of the face is very narrow, it is better to use a cap with a flat crown, otherwise the cap looks too bulky.

Select the cap size

And finally, it is important to choose the correct size, especially when buying online.
Typically, the head circumference is taken as a basis. Often the unit of measurement inch (inch) is chosen, because the cap originally came from the USA and often still does.
Cap sizes
First, it is important to know how the size of a baseball cap is indicated. This is done either by taking the circumference of the head in centimeters or the diameter of the head in inches.
A comparison table of German and American sizes can be found here:

Caps and hats in Kawaii style 10

Now simply measure with a measuring tape or string horizontally around the head at the thickest part of the head, just above the eyebrows.

A few words about the caps

In addition to caps, caps in all possible styles are also popular. In winter, of course, the childlike bobble hat, possibly also with cuddly earflaps, should not be missing. Headbands and cute woolly hats with ears or lots of pom-poms are also cute and therefore fit perfectly to the Kawaii Loco.
Why don’t you just have a look around, we have a lot of things in stock that will make you have fun!