Cuddly slippers in Kawaii style

Cuddly slippers
Cuddly slippers in Kawaii style 5

Slippers are a faithful companion in everyday life – no matter what style. Logically, Kawaii fans prefer to have slippers with corresponding motifs. Fluffy plush slippers with cute animal motifs are especially popular – preferably decorated with cute little ears, moustaches and button eyes. But also normal slippers or flip-flops can be found printed with Kawaii motives. So it depends on the decoration, the colours and the possibly well known motives from anime and cartoons. Therefore, we simply present a few facts about slippers and the different shapes and materials. In the case of our online shop, of course, all of them are decorated with Kawaii style elements or motifs, so that they fit perfectly to the rest of your outfit.

Who are the slippers for?

As the name suggests, they are meant for the house, not to be walked around on the street with. So the target group are all people who like to have comfortable slippers on their feet at home. However, there are already different requirements.
For example, toddlers need completely different slippers than older people. The little ones sit on the floor and play or crawl around and need soft slippers like hut socks, sliding socks or plush slippers. Older people, on the other hand, are often wobbly on their feet and need slippers that are comfortable but still give a little support. A fluffy slipper from which you can slip out or a smooth sole without a non-slip sole can cause serious accidents.
Anyone who works at home and may even have to receive somebody at some point would certainly like to own a more presentable pair of slippers than someone who is comfortably flicking in front of the television in the evening.

Where are the slippers for?

On the other hand, of course it also depends on what flooring you have at home. For tiles or even stone floors, which may be quite cold in winter, you need a different slipper than for a cuddly velour carpet. It also plays a role whether the house or apartment is well or poorly heated. Of course, people with underfloor heating are fine out – at least in the cold season, when the heating is on.

The right type of slipper

right type of slipper
Cuddly slippers in Kawaii style 6

Anyone who now thinks that it doesn’t matter what kind of slipper you buy is wrong. Because even though you often consciously don’t think about it at all, slippers have to fulfil a number of functions:
They must offer a pleasant and comfortable walking sensation.
Good slippers protect the foot and prevent injuries.
They cushion the step, which relieves the joints when standing and walking.
They offer a high degree of slip resistance. Especially on stairs they prevent dangerous slipping.
They keep the feet pleasantly warm in winter, but also provide temperature equalisation so that you do not sweat unpleasantly.

Miscellaneous Slipper types

Miscellaneous Slipper 1
Cuddly slippers in Kawaii style 7

According to the different demands that different groups of people can have on the slipper and according to the different locations and conditions, you can of course find completely different types of slippers, e.g:

The hut shoes
Especially people who freeze quickly and have cold feet all the time, prefer hut shoes. These somehow resemble small boots, because they have a higher shaft that reaches over the ankles, sometimes much higher. The soles are flexible and soft, but usually also non-slip. This kind of slipper fits very well to the Kawaii style, because they look very cute and childlike.
Preferred materials are wool, lambskin and soft suede.

The slippers and ballerinas
With slippers and ballerina, girls and women look somehow dressed even indoors. Ballerinas are also a great option for Kawaiian girls. Because they look good, are girlish, the foot is relatively well protected and you can walk well in it.

Both variants – slipper and ballerina – differ from each other by the sole characteristics. Ballerinas usually have soft soles with latex and adapt well to the feet, while slippers often have plastic soles. The latter are therefore usually more slip-resistant and stable.

The Mules
Mules are like sandals, but the heel is open and it is much easier to slip in and out. Typically the toes are open, which increases air circulation and comfort. However, these slippers are of course only suitable for the summer. The soles are also usually made of plastic or cork.

Common materials for slippers

Common materials for slippers
Cuddly slippers in Kawaii style 8

The choice of material is often a matter of taste, as most materials are available in both summer and winter versions and almost all types of slippers are available in different materials.

Leather is an extremely robust natural material that has a long tradition in shoe manufacturing. Slippers made of leather are robust, durable and breathable.

Imitation leather
Optically similar to real leather, it is much cheaper and also easier to clean. However, it is not breathable and people with fast sweating feet should rather refrain from using it.

wool / new wool / lambskin
These materials are especially interesting for hut shoes and plush slippers. In addition, other slippers are often lined with these materials to keep your feet warm and cosy inside.
Natural materials are usually antistatic, do not absorb foreign odours as quickly and often prove to be temperature regulating. However, they are more expensive to care for, as e.g. lambskin slippers should not be washed in the washing machine.

Plastic is versatile and above all very easy to clean. It can be used especially for slippers with smart motifs.
As you can see – there are a lot of options for Kawaii slippers, too, which we of course all provide for you in our online shop – have fun choosing!