Kawaii Fashion for Men Pants and Shorts

Kawaiian fashion was originally mainly a thing for girls and women. But in the meantime men have also developed a taste for it – but with much more restrained designs. So mostly on relatively “normal” clothes, as cosplay fans already like them anyway, a Kawaii motive is printed – often a cute girl or little mascot.

Therefore, the same applies to trousers and shorts as to normal men’s fashion in terms of selection criteria. So you should make the same considerations in advance of the purchase.

What do I need the pants for?

Kawaii Pants
Kawaii Fashion for Men Pants and Shorts 6

It’s all about the occasion – for example, to go to university or school, for leisure time, maybe even to work or of course for a party at the weekend.

In addition, you also have to think about the weather in which you put on the pants, because that’s what the material depends on.

For the hot summer shorts are of course the best option and we offer a lot of variations in our online shop.

In both cases you simply have to decide how daring you want to walk around. Unusual colours might be better suited for leisure time or parties than for going to work.

It is also always a good idea to have some basic parts that suit different occasions. You can then set fashionable accents with the accessories or by combining different pieces of clothing.

What options are there?

Kawaii Pants and Shorts for Men
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In any case, there are many cuts, designs, materials, etc. for the great Kawaiian style pants and shorts, from different brands and manufacturers. New in our assortment are the models from Harakuyu, a Japanese premium brand.

The pants are of course somehow always the basis for every successful outfit. Accordingly, you can choose from different types, each matching the situation, the functional needs and personal taste:

  • Jeans
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The material alone makes it a real classic that everyone needs in the cupboard. Of course there are many different cuts, e.g. skinny, slim, boot cut and much more. For men, skinny jeans are the best match for the Kawaii style

  • Work pants like cloth pants and cargo pants

The things are super comfortable and very practical, because you can get a lot of things in the pockets.

  • Shorts
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Especially great in sweatshirt fabric or even denim. These shorts can be combined with matching hoodies, t-shirts and vests.

  • Destroyed Look

No matter if jeans or other types of fabric, the pants look a little bit worn out, but they look much more upbeat.

  • Jogging pants

Sweat pants are not only fashionable, but also incredibly comfortable to wear. These are also available in slightly different cuts and of course in lots of colours and prints.

Our range of Kawaii pants for men

Destroyed Look
Kawaii Fashion for Men Pants and Shorts 10

Beside well-known manufacturers like Harayuku, we have different models in all price ranges in our assortment. You will find many different colours and the typical Kawaii, K-Pop and Japan Style prints, so that every Cosplay fan will surely find what he is looking for at Cosplay Hero!

It is important for us that you get good quality for your money and are really satisfied with your purchase!