Kawaii Fashion for Men

Kawaii Fashion for Men
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If you are a true cosplay fan and are into Kawaii, Kpop and Japan style, you will want to wear appropriate clothes in everyday life. Because you can’t always walk around in a complete cosplay costume.
Therefore we have a lot of cool clothes for the fashion-conscious man here at CosplayHero.de.

Premium clothing from various manufacturers

In our shop you will find premium clothing of various brands, including for example Harajuku.
The “Harajuku” style originated among Japanese teenagers hanging out in the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. The style only became really famous through the singer Gwen Stefani, who attracted international attention by wearing harajuku clothes. Harajuku is therefore street fashion, which changes accordingly fast. In our online shop we are constantly working on the latest trends.

Many options on Kawaii Fashion for Men

T-shirts in Japan style
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Of course we have a large selection of t-shirts in different colours and with varying prints. Here you can find patterns as well as cool sayings printed on the clothes. Whether plain or striped, whether black or rather in more friendly, colourful fashion colours, there is something for every man!
High-quality cotton T-shirts in Japan style are available sleeveless, for really hot days, with normal short sleeves and also with long sleeves, if it is a bit cooler and you don’t want to put a jacket or hoodie over it,
Of course, there are also lots of chic hoodies that simply belong with a Kawaii outfit. Some have a zipper for easy on and off. Some are really thick and cuddly warm, others are thin and light, so you can wear them even in summer.

Of course you can combine everything very well, because this is an important feature of the Harajuku style.
There are always several layers on top of each other. Sweaters, hoodies, vests or jackets are worn over shirts or t-shirts. This is not only trendy chic, but also incredibly practical. Because you can adapt very quickly to the weather or different situations. Outside you can put everything on top of each other when it’s cold, inside you put on what’s too much and wrap it around your stomach.

Accessories should not be missing in a Kawaii Fashion Outfit!

Kawaii Fashion Outfit
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Admittedly, when it comes to accessories the ladies are certainly several nose lengths ahead. But also men experiment in harajuku style with matching accessories like necklaces, bracelets and similar things.
Peppy belts are also very popular with men. And if a man has piercing in his ears, he can of course find matching earrings.

Kawaii Fashion in Japan Style is a fashion that is fun. However, you should be careful and sensible when choosing your clothes and accessories. If you thought that you were just throwing some clothes together when you wear harajuku style, you were completely wrong.
Simply combining wild styles and patterns is not advisable. If you take a closer look at the people in harajuku, you will see that behind the admittedly impressive outfits there is a very specific intention.