Kawaii Fashion for women – chic jackets for your outfit

As soon as it gets cooler, of course you need something warm to put on.

As far as Japan Style, Kawaii, K-Pop, etc. are concerned, there are basically two main directions you can take. Casual sweatshirt fabric variations, especially hoodies, sweat jackets, etc. or the super stylish waisted cut coats and jackets, which look wonderfully antique – mostly with a Victorian touch.

In general, as always, a lot depends on the occasion. Not every option is suitable for every scenario.

Kawaii Fashion jackets

There are also practical considerations. For which weather and for which temperatures should the jacket or Kawaii coat be suitable? No matter how chic an option may be, if you stand shivering at the bus stop, you will definitely not enjoy it anymore.

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Especially stylish – the characteristic Kawaii coat

Kawaii coat

Besides the already mentioned more casual variations, the king of the Kawaii outfit is certainly a chic coat. It has a waisted cut, sometimes has quite flashy colors or color combinations, and tends to be quite flashy – just a real fashion statement in terms of Japan Style, K-Pop., Kawaii and Co.

If you are looking for a chic coat or jacket in this eye-catching style, you should also have a few thoughts.

How well does the Kawaii coat match the rest of your wardrobe? The purchase of a Kawaii Coat is usually not very cheap, and you want to have a long and often a little bit of this noble garment afterwards. Therefore, it would make sense that the coat fits to as many clothes from your wardrobe as possible.

This is how you take care of your great Kawaii jacket

Kawaii jacket

With options in sweatshirt fabric and other materials, you can even wash the jacket yourself. Pay attention to the instructions in the label. Here you can see, for example, whether the jacket can be washed in the machine, if so, at what temperature, whether you can spin-dry it and whether it is suitable for tumble-drying.

Models made of cotton blends or polyester can be washed at 30 degrees. It is generally advisable to choose the gentle cycle.

With Kawaii coats it is most likely that you will have to go to the dry cleaner. However, coats generally do not get very dirty and do not need to be washed or cleaned all the time. Therefore you should clean a stain immediately with a cloth and a mild soap if necessary.

Our range of great Japan style jackets and coats

Japan style jackets

With us you find of course jackets and coats in different styles. Especially great is our premium brand Harayuku.

It is important that you enjoy this good piece for a long time, so choose it carefully and follow the care tips and manufacturer’s instructions.