Kawaii Mobile Phone Sleeve – cute accessory for the ubiquitous mobile phone

Kawaii Mobile Phone Sleeve

A smartphone simply comes with a fancy mobile phone cover. Because modern mobile phones with their large touch screens are sensitive to glass breakage. The mobile phone accompanies us everywhere we go, is used all the time and therefore often falls down. So there is a very real danger that the expensive touch screen will break. And indeed, this is the most common damage to smart phones.
However, it is precisely this repair that is expensive. For example, a new display on an iPhone can quickly cost 200 euros or more.
That is why almost all smart phone owners buy matching mobile phone cases for their phones. However, buyers not only want the case to be functional, i.e. to protect the phone well and reliably, but also want the case to look chic or funny and to suit their own taste. Of course, many cosplay fans, Kawaii enthusiasts and little girls in general want a cute Kawaii cover. These are available in different versions, so that everyone will surely find something nice. But what should you pay attention to besides the design?

Mobile phone covers – that’s what counts!

There are different types of mobile phone sleeves on the market. Of course you can find a huge selection of designs and colors for each type. The most common models are:
Combination of protective cover and protective glass
Leather flipcases
waterproof outdoor covers
Each option offers both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to ask yourself before buying what exactly you expect from the mobile phone cover. After all, not all smart phones are exposed to the same stresses and dangers. For example, mobile phone cases for teenagers should definitely be really robustly protected, because the mobile phone can take a lot of abuse. Typically, it is put into trouser pockets or backpacks, in the case of a friendly tussle, the mobile phone may fall on the floor, etc. Experience shows that children and young people pay less attention to mobile phones than adults, who know how expensive the good thing was.
For example, the smart phone of a businesswoman, who is always equipped with a stylish handbag, runs around with much less danger.
For sporty people who enjoy outdoor activities, the mobile phone cover should also be particularly robust, and preferably waterproof.

Combination of protective cover and protective glass

Very popular are protective covers made of so-called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This type of plastic is thicker, but at the same time softer than hard plastic. Shocks are thus optimally absorbed and the cover does not break either. This type of cover is available in various thicknesses. The thicker, the less elegant the mobile phone will look natural afterwards, but of course the better protected it will be. It is therefore clearly important how the owner plans to handle the phone.
The sensitive display is of course already protected by the more or less strongly protruding plastic edge of the case. However, if it falls on an object and not flat on the floor, the display can still break or scratch. Therefore, it’s recommended to use a protective glass. The secret of mobile phone protection glasses is that they are chemically and thermally hardened (“tempered”). For this purpose, the glasses are dipped into a salt solution. The result is a significantly increased resistance to breakage and scratching. The hardened glasses are not indestructible either. You can buy the safety glasses in larger electronic stores or online.

Flip covers (leather flipcases)

Although these look chic and also offer good scratch protection if you take your mobile phone in a bag, handbag or rucksack or put it in a trouser pocket together with keys, these sleeves are less reliable in the event of a serious fall.
For one thing, the flipcase is opened while you are on the phone. If the phone slips out of your hand and falls down, there is no protection for the sensitive display at all. On the other hand, the flipcase itself will break in many cases in the event of a serious fall.

Outdoor sleeves

Here, functionality is clearly more important than design and the covers are therefore particularly suitable for the moment of use in outdoor activities. In everyday life, these chunky things are anything but chic or even playful, as you would expect from Kawaii mobile phone cases. In addition, you need an adapter for connecting the headphones, for example.

Kawaii mobile phone covers in abundance in our shop

Kawaii mobile phone covers

We have a lot of fancy cases with cute Kawaii motifs in our shop for you. Of course the appealing design and the cute motifs are more important. However, these mobile phone cases also protect the smartphone during normal use. Just have a look around – you will surely find many great options!