Men clothing – great Kigurumis and Onesies

Onesies and Kigurumis are just crazy comfortable. Whether at home as a comfortable house suit, on the street, to be cuddly warm even on cool days or as Kigurumi at cosplay or the cool motto party. Men also no longer want to do without the practical Onesies. More daring boys naturally also like the original Kigurumis. Of course you will find both variations here!

Difference between Onesie and Kigurumi

Kigurumis and Onesies
Men clothing - great Kigurumis and Onesies 4

An onesie is simply a one-piece outfit in which the top and bottom parts are firmly connected. They come in many different styles, cuts and colours.

Kigurumis are an important part of Japanese street fashion. Basically they are onesies as an animal costume. The trend originated in the late 90s and quickly became a real hit. In the beginning the Kigurumis were often used as pyjamas or as a house suit. However, they were soon seen at cosplay and costume parties and now as normal streetwear.

Despite the great popularity in their country of origin Japan, it took at least until 2011 for the cute Kigurumis to find their way into Europe. Here it was first children and then girls and women who used the chic and versatile Kigurumis. In the meantime, however, more and more self-confident men have also acquired a taste for them.

Onesies for the man of today – a few styling tips

Onesies for the man of today
Men clothing - great Kigurumis and Onesies 5

The advantages of Onesies are obvious. Schwuppdiwupp he is dressed and you are completely dressed – only the shoes are missing. Whether at home on the sofa, strolling in the city or meeting friends, the Onesie is comfortable, chic and versatile.

But of course it should not only be comfortable, but also presentable. That’s why we have lots of chic Onesies with style in our range.

Here’s an important tip: the Onesie looks chic if you make sure you have a matching top underneath. Because you might want to open the zipper a little and naked skin underneath can quickly look inappropriate. It can be just as embarrassing if you have an undershirt or t-shirt under it but it absolutely does not match the Onesie. So take a little time while putting it on.

Also the topic shoes wants to be well considered. Because of course it is completely ok to sit barefoot or in slippers on the sofa at home, on the street you should avoid the sofa-look. Of course, you can’t wear too elegant shoes here, because it doesn’t fit at all. The best choice are certainly sneakers or creepers (sporty shoes with platform soles).

When it comes to accessories, the modern guys of today don’t let themselves get carried away either. Proud gold or silver chains with a macho look, bling watches or belts with flashy buckles should still be taboo for reasons of class. Leather bracelets, chic watches and discreet chains made of metal or even leather, however, are definitely a peppy and chic option.

Anyone who dares to go out on the street or to a party in a Kigurumi should rather do without accessories, otherwise the whole thing quickly looks overloaded.

How to choose the right Onesie

Onesies are available in all possible colours and those who like it gaudy can have a good time. But it is more important not to choose the Onesie too big, because otherwise the good piece can quickly look like pyjamas.

The own figure is also to be considered absolutely, because the Onesie applies generally.

The slimmer, more athletic and taller you are, the more daring models, patterns and colors you can choose. Small and stocky men have to be a bit more careful and are probably better off in muted plain colours. You should also pay attention to the depth of your crotch, because the smaller you are, the less deep it should be.

Care tips for the beautiful Onesies

beautiful Onesies
Men clothing - great Kigurumis and Onesies 6

In general, one should always make a neat impression and only wear clean clothes. This applies even more to the Onesies, which, as already mentioned, quickly have a certain sofa look. Because in a bulging, grubby Onesie you quickly look as if you had just fallen off the sofa or alternatively out of bed.

In most cases, Onesies are very easy to care for, as many models are made of sweatshirt fabric. Therefore they can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer without any problems. For printed models, it is essential that you pull the Onesies inside out before washing.

Of course we cannot make a general statement here, as other materials may also be used. Therefore our tip: Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions!

We wish you lots of fun choosing and wearing the smart Onesies and Kigurumis!