boys and girls hoodies in Kawaii style

Hoodies are simply a long-running hit – no matter what style. That’s why you can find great boys and girls hoodies in Kawaii style in our online shop.
But what’s so great about the hoodies themselves that they are so incredibly popular and an essential part of teens’ wardrobes all over the world? But let’s face it – the Hoodies are not only popular with the kids.

Hoodies – comfortable hoodies for modern streetwear styles

Kawaii style hoodies
boys and girls hoodies in Kawaii style 6

Hoodies are just kind of cuddly and incredibly comfortable. That they are so comfortable is of course due to the cuddly cotton sweatshirt fabric. It is easy to wear, fits perfectly, doesn’t pinch or pinch anywhere and above all doesn’t scratch at all, as it can be with a wool sweater.

Up to this point a normal sweatshirt would also do, but with a hoodie the cuddly hood is added. So if you get cold quickly, especially around the neck, a hoodie is the perfect choice. As soon as it gets cool, just put the hood on and you’ll be warm and cozy and look cool and casual – what more could you want?

But with all this, the Hoodies are not too warm either, so you can use them almost all year round. In summer or spring as an additional garment when it gets fresh in the evening and otherwise as a sweater plus maybe a warmer jacket over it. In any case, they can be used almost the whole year.

However, the hoodies are not only popular with boys and girls for outdoors, but also at home on the bed, sipping a comic strip or watching YouTube.

Different cuts of Hoodies

kawaii Hoodies
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Hoodies are of course also available in different cuts. While in the beginning mainly large to oversized cuts were popular for streetwear, more body-hugging, lighter versions have become more popular lately. On the one hand, the cuts have become tighter, on the other hand, hoodies are meanwhile not only made in the typical thick sweatshirt fabric, but also in the light t-shirt fabric, respectively in materials that lie between the two extremes.

Hoodies in Kawaii style

Hoodies in Kawaii style
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For the Kawaii style, the hoodies are often in sweet pastel colors. Of course they usually have the typical prints like Hello Kitty, anime figures, cute little animals and mascots with big eyes and cute little girls, as well as lots of unicorns and the like. And of course there are also a lot of Kawaii Hoodies for girls, where they did not skimp on frills and sequins.

The boys are a bit more masculine, but here too, Kawaii motifs, prints and softer colours are somehow part of the picture.

Tips for the care of Kawaii Hoodies for boys and girls

boys and girls
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The huge advantage of the Hoodies is of course that they are easy to clean and uncomplicated. They can simply be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine and often also dried in the tumble dryer.

Especially for boys and girls the Hoodies are therefore very popular with mothers and are clearly ahead of wool sweaters.

However, if the hoodie is richly decorated with sequins and prints, you should definitely turn it inside out before washing and it is best to avoid the tumble dryer.

Typically, hoodies have cords, which you should knot loosely before washing, because otherwise some of the cords might slip into the drawstring and afterwards good advice is expensive how to get them out again.

Kawaii Hoodies
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To keep cotton hoodies soft and cuddly even after repeated washing, you might want to add some fabric softener.

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