Cosplay is a popular form of self-expression that has been around for decades, with its roots in Japan and the US, but it has been gaining more attention in recent years as the internet has become more accessible and social media platforms have become increasingly popular. This article will explore the history and popularity of cosplay, as well as introduce one of its most famous practitioners, nan, who has become known as the “Queen of Japanese Cosplay”.


What is Cosplay?

Cosplay (short for costume play) is a type of performance art where participants dress up as characters from movies, television shows, books, comics, video games, and other fictional sources. The costumes are often highly detailed replicas made by the cosplayer themselves or purchased from professional costume makers. The goal is to accurately portray the character and to bring them to life through their performance at events such as comic conventions or fan gatherings.

History of Cosplay

The history of cosplay dates back to 1938 when science fiction fans began wearing homemade costumes at conventions in North America and Europe. It wasn’t until 1984 that it became popular in Japan with the advent of anime and manga fandom when fans began dressing up as their favorite characters from these mediums at conventions such as Comiket (Comic Market). Since then cosplay has grown exponentially in popularity both inside and outside Japan with an estimated 35 million people worldwide taking part in some form or another.

The popularity of Cosplay in Japan

Cosplaying has become a major part of Japanese culture with many people taking part in various forms such as dressing up for special events or simply wearing costumes daily for fun or fashion purposes. Many cities now host regular cosplaying events such as Tokyo’s Harajuku district which holds an annual event called “Kawaii Monster Cafe” where visitors can dress up and take part in activities related to their favorite characters from anime and manga series such as Pokemon or Sailor Moon. These events have become so popular that they attract thousands of people each year from all over the world who come together to celebrate their shared love for these characters and mediums through cosplaying activities.

Famous Japanese Cosplayers

Many famous Japanese cosplayers have achieved fame through their impressive costumes and performances at conventions throughout Japan and beyond including Enako, Kaname☆, Kipi, Reika Saiki, Yuu Asakura, Mai Oshima, Yuzuki Aikawa, Himari, RinRin Doll, Akane Takeda, Kuroneko Kareshi, Misa Chiang, Mirai Akari and many more. However, one name stands out above all others: nan.

Nan – Queen Of Japanese Cosplay

 Nan is a well-known figure within the world of cosplaying having achieved international fame due to her impressive costumes which she creates herself using only fabric scraps she finds around her home city Yokohama. She began her career by attending small local events before eventually becoming a regular guest at larger ones like Comiket where she draws huge crowds thanks to her intricate designs which often feature elaborate headdresses made from recycled materials. Her unique style has earned her recognition not only within Japan but also abroad making her one of the most recognizable faces within this subculture.

Characteristics Of Nan’s Costumes

Nan’s costumes are characterized by their intricate detail which she creates using fabrics found around Yokohama including discarded clothing items found on street corners. She also makes use of various objects found around her home such as buttons beads ribbons feathers etc which she uses to create elaborate headpieces masks hats etc that help bring her characters to life. Her ability to make use of everyday objects combined with her creativity means that no two costumes are ever quite alike making each one unique.

How To Follow Nan

If you would like to follow nan you can find her on Twitter @nan_cosplayer where she posts photos videos tutorials tips on how to make your costumes etc. You can also follow her on Instagram @nan_cosplayer which features even more photos videos behind-the-scenes footage etc about her work. Additionally, you can check out websites like Cure WorldCosplay which feature galleries dedicated solely to nan’s work so you can see all her amazing creations firsthand!


In conclusion, we hope this article has given you an insight into what makes nan stand out among other famous Japanese cosplayers due to her unique style creativity resourcefulness etc. We also hope it has inspired you to try your hand at creating your very own costume! Don’t forget if you need any help finding high-quality Harayuku fashion products be sure to check us out! With our wide range selection, there’s something for everyone!


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