Kawaii Fashion for Women – Pants

Kawaii pants are not very special in their cut, they differ from ordinary pants rather in the color and design of the fabric.

For example, there are wonderfully comfortable leggings that simply have a cute Kawaii motif.

For which occasion do you want the pants in Japan style?

Kawaii Pants
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Of course you should know before you buy the trousers for what purpose you want them and what requirements are made of them. After all, not only the colour, style and cut depend on it, but also the material used.

Kawaii and cosplay fans probably like to wear the great clothes in Japanese style at work, school and university, but maybe less extravagant than the party among like-minded people on Saturday night.

You should also think about the weather conditions, because of course there are Kawaii pants in many different materials, so that you can look great even in winter and don’t have to freeze.

Different cuts

cut Pants
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As already indicated, every trouser cut can be Kawaii, it just depends a lot on the prints, the applications and some style elements like ruffles or chains.

Accordingly, you can even integrate a normal pant, e.g. a simple pink leggings, into your Kawaii outfit.

Whether leggings, shorts, three-quarter length pants, or a casual wide cut with extra wide legs – the options are endless.

Design, colour and material for Kawaii Fashion

pants in Japan style
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So there are many different cuts, but what is it that finally makes a great Kawaii pant? Basically it is the materials, print, appliqués and colours that make a pair of pants a Kawaii pant in Japan or Harayuku style.

Incredibly popular are frills and other playful details like rhinestones, pearls, sequins, etc.

In prints are cute girls, anime characters, Hello Kitty and Co. very popular. Cute kittens, pokémons, mascots and similar things are also very popular.

Leggings are – as far as pants are concerned – the perennial favourite for Kawaiian women

Kawaiian women
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Leggings are especially popular when it comes to Kawaiian style pants. Typically, girls and women associate the Kawaiian style with dresses and skirts. The chic leggings are somewhere in between, because you can combine them with an elaborate top and look correspondingly “girlie”. Remember, “Kawaii” means cute and the goal is to look really cute and girlish. The whistle is to combine innocence with a certain amount of sexy and create a great Japan style. You can be very creative and put together your own clothes. Try to find your own way and style by sticking roughly to the basic idea and adapting it to your individual taste. Often you can use many of your own clothes and just buy a few additional pieces, which should be Kawaiian in particular.

Our extensive offer for women concerning Kawaii and K-Pop Fashion

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Of course we have all kinds of great pants for you, including premium brands like Harayuku. Just browse a little bit and get inspired!