Kawaii Fashion for Women

Kawaii fashion is hard in and girls and young women. It’s really quite cute. However, there are several Japanese trends that deserve attention. By the way, here you can find chic clothes for every style. Because many things are similar, maybe just combined a little bit differently.

Kawaii Fashion for Women
Kawaii Fashion for Women 4

An important place in terms of Japanese trend fashion is Harajuku, so it is often referred to as Harajuku style, because it had its beginning on the streets of this Japanese city.

Some example of Japan style in terms of fashion

Almost all of them focus on the figure of Lolita. But of course there are differences:

  • Goth Lolita…

This Lolita wears feminine and rather elegant gothic dresses, so that the girl or woman somehow ends up looking like a living Victorian doll. Preferred colours here are grey, black and other muted tones.

  • Sweet Lolita

This type of Lolita is influenced by the rococo era. As a Sweet Lolita you should focus on the childlike and innocent appearance. Pastel shades are often used here and also fantasy themes are used, e.g. Alice in Wonderland, classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood as well as fruits and sweets are always present in the Sweet Lolita style.

Japan style
Kawaii Fashion for Women 5

Apart from Lolitas there are also Japanese punks, inspired by the punk movement in London in the 70s. The rebellious character is emphasized with fancy clothes, accessories, make-up and piercings.

Often Kawaii Fashion is a little bit connected with cosplay. So elements of cosplay are used without completely dressing up. These clothes can be considered “streetable”.

Another style is Decora, which is mainly based on light colours and contains a lot of accessories, with which you hang yourself from head to toe – just “decorated”, hence the name.

The pure Kawaii style (Kawaii literally means “sweet”) is the most playful variation, with elements of anime characters, lots of frills, many pastel colours, additional toys etc. playing an important role.

Wamono refers to the combination of traditional Japanese fashion and Western fashion. In general, it is true for all Japanese styles that people usually like to wear several layers of clothing and also make quite daring combinations. Especially in harajuku style it is important to wear many layers on top of each other. Sweaters, vests or jackets are worn over blouses or T-shirts, dresses with leggings, etc.

So just by wearing them on top of each other and using a lot of frills you can create a great style without much money.

Our offer of fashion for Cosplay, Kawaii and K-Pop fans

K-Pop fans
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Of course you will find a lot of great things that you can combine with each other. Because especially with this style individuality is in demand. Everyone chooses what he or she likes best and combines it according to their own taste and fashion sense – as creatively as possible.

So here fashion is really fun and a real form of expression! We hope you enjoy choosing and experimenting!