Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About
Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About? 15

Wondering about a tiny little potato meme popping up in your feed? This article tries to understand its relevance, and see what’s all the hype about.



As many of our millennial or the younger Gen Z audience already know, Kawaii is Japanese for “cute.” It’s not the only Japanese term that has trickled into internet pop culture. As anime (Japanese animated shows) have become popular, so has some of the terminology of the tropes. Kawaii is one of the many terms we get to hear.

In September 2014, a You Tube video titled, “I’m a Kawaii Potato,” which now has 2.4 million views, was uploaded by a channel with the name of CreamBRabbit. The animator made the video, but credited the comics to the original artist, Emily’s Diary, on her respective platforms. In the video, the creator is comparing herself to other girls who seem to be good looking or have a big social circle, while she says she looks like “a potato.” This is often a phrase people use when referring to their plain features and looks that may not fall under the traditional beauty standards, or when people do not look their age as their facial features aren’t as prominent as an adult’s might be.


The Kawaii Potato has even been incorporated into various popular fandoms, including Harry Potter:

including Harry Potter
Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About? 16

And it doesn’t stop there. Tons of people have created their own versions of this wholesome meme or incorporated it into their comics or art and even made merchandise out of it. What all of that goes to show about Kawaii Potato is what’s all the hype about this tiny potato, and the height of popularity it has achieved.

A Personality Trait:

But, of course, the phrase is also skin deep. She later adds: a Kawaii potato, implying that though she may be plain and relatively unremarkable, she accepts herself the way she is and embracing her personality. That she is still worthy, loveable, and beautiful (or cute), in her own way.

This seems to be in alignment with a theme that has been consistent on the Internet, be it in memes or posts: a sense of belonging in a community that accepts and appreciates its ordinariness. The Internet has made possible for people to find a community where they can connect with other people so unlike them and yet so similar and find a sense of acceptance and belonging.

The term is also related to the phrase “couch potato”: someone who doesn’t do much physical exercise but stays seated a lot. This may also mean that they are unproductive as well. You would hear a lot of people say that identify “as a potato,” meaning, not terribly remarkable, but still their own person and likeable enough. Ordinary yet loveable. Traits like being young and immature, may characterize this not taking themselves seriously, and not being highly skilled or competent but still loveable, anyway. This is a way people have found to accept themselves. That is one of the major reasons for what’s all the hype about the Kawaii Potato is.

about the Kawaii Potato is
Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About? 17

Wholesomeness and Encouragement:

Still asking what’s all the hype about the Kawaii Potato? The power of positivity. In recent years, the meme has evolved into symbolizing positivity and a healthy, wholesome mental attitude. With reminders for the reader to keep going and not give up on themselves. We can see the Kawaii potato spreading little messages of positivity through people’s feeds on platforms like Facebook, to perhaps help someone to push through their day.

push through their day
Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About? 18

Well . . . it’s just so tiny and cute!

The Internet is a bizarre place.
Kawaii Potato! What’s All the Hype About? 19

Who doesn’t love tiny little cute things? Sometimes that’s a good enough reason for something to go viral on the Internet. Not that there is a logical justification for all the things that have gone viral, mind you. When it comes to most viral trends, the Kawaii Potato is as tame as it gets. The Internet is a bizarre place.

Kawaii Potato is a reminder for people to love themselves as they are and celebrate their ordinariness. Or just a little something to brighten your day with its cute wisdom. Hopefully, by reading this article you learned a little about Kawaii Potato and what’s all the hype about. Stay awesome and stay Kawaii!