Kawaii is a phrase from the Japanese culture and fashion. It has the main idea of making everything around you so cute that by just looking at it you smile. It raises your spirits to a whole new level and brightens your day.


Making your home look ‘kawaii’ is a very attractive and positive look for families, especially the ones with girls in them. All you need is dedication and some good places to shop from. If you’re short on budget, you can always put together stuff from around the house. That’ll give you a homely feeling for sure.

When it comes to crafting, kawaii can come in any form and at any place. Whether in your own sense of style or the look of your house, everything will look brighter and better. Practicing the art of crafting or buying kawaii items from the store, it all has the same purpose.

It’s not that hard to find or make things that will make your home look kawaii, but it’s not that simple either. It requires a lot of careful analysis as to what item will look cute in which corner of your house. This article will give you some tips on how to create a Kawaii look for your home.

#1. Have light colored walls and furniture

This is a good way to make your home look kawaii. Not only does your house look neat and tidy, but it also tricks the eyes into thinking the rooms have much more space. It’ll relax your mind and give you a good mood whenever you’re sad or depressed.

 light colored walls
Creating a Kawaii Look in Your Home 22

Matching or contrasting a light-colored furniture to go along with the walls is a good idea. Just make sure the furniture color doesn’t exactly match the wall color, that’ll look confusing. Try matching light pink walls to a bit darker or white furniture. Go for accessories such as plushies, bedsheets, table lamps and more to give it a light yet cute look.

#2. Place a rug on the ground

This is a must for floors that are not carpeted. You can choose a rug of any size and style depending upon the room you have. Try choosing cozy and cute looking rugs like anime characters or simply a pastel rug from any local or thrift store. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also give a touch up to the light-colored walls and furniture you have.

Rugs have been used in Japanese homes as a tradition for the longest time. From the most luxurious of builds to the more middle-class homes, every house needs to have a rug. Rugs will provide your home that something you thought was missing.

#3. Color code your clothes

Not only the rooms, but the closet and wardrobe need to look kawaii too. Your room will look organized and easier to clean if all clothes are hidden away. Try doing this to your shoes too.

Arrange your clothes in one color scheme (don’t have just one color to wear though). Hang the ones with one color, fold the ones with another. Put your scarves in hangers and nightgowns on the hook. It won’t be hard to put away washed clothes as such.

#4. Buy cute decorations

Buy small and attractive accessories to put on nightstands, bookshelves, coffee tables and all. Hello Kitty themed decorations have almost all kawaii decorations you would want. Also, buy some stuffed toys for your room to keep happy company when you come home from a tiring day at work.

Other than these, buy some frames to hang on walls, some vases for the nightstand, and a small fancy plate to fill with candy near the house door. Get a cute shoe rack to put fluffy slippers in for the guests. A pastel dollhouse near the window will add to the theme.

cute decorations
Creating a Kawaii Look in Your Home 23

#5. Add fairy-lights to your bedroom

These small lights will look the cutest at nights. Drape them down your window and stick them above your bed to glow during the dark of the night. The plushies, cute bedsheets, light walls and these fairy-lights will make you feel like a princess fast asleep in her bed.

Put almost anywhere, these lights are never too much. Do be careful where you place them as they can block space for any other kawaii items.

your bedroom
Creating a Kawaii Look in Your Home 24

#6. Use cute scents

No room is kawaii if you can’t smell it. Light up scented candles, use rose room sprays or hang a scented sanitizer on the wall. Just go insane but do not leave your house unscented. You want everyone, including yourself, to inhale the sweet smell that goes perfectly with your house whenever you enter.

#7. Get inspiration

Self-confidence is a good thing, but it’s better to look around before decorating a kawaii house. It’s always good to consult a friend, some blogs, or search the internet to know what you want to do with your house. If not, you might end up making everything pink and that will only ruin the beauty.

Cuteness is not a fashion sense. It is a lifestyle. And to live this lifestyle, you need to stay motivated, directed and inspired. As such, it is very important that you keep on innovating and trying out new styles for your home.

#8. Know where to shop

You might think cute things are for children and have a hard time finding things for your home. Use a few tricks and carefully analyze the prices to know where to buy the best things.

Consider the thrift store. It has everything from bedframes to ceramic animals, linens to stuff toys. Just wash every fabric you buy before using them.

If not that, shop online. Go to a trustworthy website and order keychains, door frames, decoration pieces, cute anime dummies and what not.

#9. Don’t forget your kitchen

It might be a bit challenging to make a kitchen look kawaii but not impossible. Instead of trying to find utensils of one color, try differing their size to a small or extra small. Of course, put away some basic commercial size gadgets for later use.

your kitchen
Creating a Kawaii Look in Your Home 25

Paint the walls and cabinets a bit different color than the rest of the house. Try marble counters and aisles to match the utensils. Just keep it nice and clean by sparkling with washcloth to look cute all the time.


Making anything look cute requires some effort and dedication. It’s something you might do just once while decorating your house, but it can always change according to what’s trending. All you need to do is know what will make you want to come home to look at. It’s what would make you and everyone else around you comfortable when at home. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to do that.